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British Soldier is the Lucky Winner of the World's Largest Jackpot

31 Oct. 2015

Jonathan Heywood, who is a British soldier and served Afghanistan, has walked away with 13.2 million euros after he put up a stake of only 25 pounds in the Betaway casino. The young man had been having a rough year as his grandfather had just passed away, and his father was undergoing treatment for his heart and lungs. He vowed that the first thing he would do with the money is to give his dad the best medical treatment as he waits for a lung and heart transplant. The good news about his win, had not really hit him, and he still could not believe his luck. He also plans on taking his family on a Mediterranean vacation. He is also not been left behind, having a passion for luxury cars, he plans on spending part of the 13.2 million dollars on purchasing a yellow Bentley Continental GT. He confessed that he had never dreamt of owning such a car as he is currently driving a Fiat Punto at the moment.

The young man scooped the jackpot from the Microgaming Mega Moolah slot game on October 6th. He explained that he deposited a total of 30 euros and placed a stake of 25pounds on the slot game and it just took him 7 minutes to hit the jackpot at exactly 11.37pm. However, he did not tell anyone for three days and even had to report to work the next day and even travelled the world with his army. He said that he had told his seniors at work, his girlfriend and his parents but despite his efforts of convincing them, they had not actually believed. He has to wait for them to read it from the newspaper. The Betway spokesperson Alan Alger congratulated Jonathan, adding that he surely did deserve the win as he was quite a noble guy. The jackpot prize won also set a world record for the greatest jackpot award in an online slot machine game.

The exchange rate of euro-pound is at 1.3531 at the time of the great win, and that translates to around 17,879,645.12 euros, thus beating the last win of 17,861,813 euros which was won in Finland in 2013.